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NF Remedy
  • Nail Fungus is an unsightly often embarrassing condition that makes us self-conscious and inhibited. It affects millions of people and is extremely difficult to get rid of. NF Remedy is a tincture that kills the fungus while promoting healthy regrowth of the nail, nail bed and surrounding skin. It is safe and effective with no side effects, no expensive doctor’s visits and no multiple purchases. One bottle is all you’ll need to be free of this unwanted intruder.

    NF Remedy

    • NF Remedy is a topical treatment. It is not to be ingested. Use 1 to 2 times daily. Clean and trim nail to expose as much of the nail bed as possible without injuring yourself. Apply with the applicator brush located on the cap. Cover the entire nail and surrounding skin. Let dry before putting on socks or leggings. Product can stain clothes so be careful.  Reapply after showering.Always recap NF remedyafter use. Oxidizing will occur and the antifungal property will no longer work. 

      It will take time for NF Remedy to do it's job. Nail fungus is stubborn and hard to reach so patience is key. You will begin to see results within 4-6 weeks and will be completely gone once the nail has grown out (6-10 months). Be diligent and you will be rewarded with healthy beautiful fungus free nails!

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